If we had everything we needed, surely we would set the world right. What would our lives look like if we didn’t have to strive for safety, or work for those pesky things like food, shelter and energy? When we roll in luxuries and even manage to stall the clock on death, then we will be happy. Wouldn’t we? Or does suffering play some sick but necessary role in our psyche? 

Watch as a post-scarcity perfected utopia suddenly ends. The survivors flock to those crazies that still remember the old ways. Lawrence “Pa” La Ren is the only one in a hundred miles who can get the lights back on. Some people call him a saint, others a dangerous gangster. Aggy just calls him Pa.

Explore the world after it ends with Aggy in this Dystopian Sci-fi.

Book 0 coming soon for free on all platforms.


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