People are dying. No one notices. They are the type of people that no one misses, dying the type of deaths that are easy to ignore. If you saw them, could you turn away?

Doug Norton can’t. He’s an overthinking, neuro-divergent father who only wants to protect his kids. When he’s fired from the only job he ever wanted, he tries his hand at what he hopes is the next best thing, running a one-man Private Detection Agency. When he stumbles on a deadly mystery that no one believes exists, he can’t stop until he solves it. Will he be in time to save lives? Or will the black-and-white thinker get bogged down in over-analysing moral questions of what he’s doing? 

(Or will he be unable to overcome his Executive Dysfunction?) 

Find out in the Gray Line. 

A modern Detective Noir by CJ Sanford, release TBA.


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