Your manuscript is fully written, and that is a huge accomplishment. Now it’s time to take it and make it the best it can be. It’s time to find a team of people who can help you turn that manuscript into the best it can be. It’s time for editing. 

Traditionally, manuscripts go through one or two rounds of developmental editing before proofreading, line and copy editing. 

I do developmental editing, with margin notes and line suggestions. I don’t do proof reading, line or copy editing. This means I’ll help you with the “big picture” stuff, like plot, story structure, and character development. I’ll also help you identify things like genre, voice and theme, which can help you figure out how to market the book. While I’ll mark areas, sentences or paragraphs that are difficult to understand, things like grammar, spelling and all those fancy writing rules are up to you. 

The basic passage covers most genres, books up to 50,000 words, and you get:

  1. I read your book three times.
    1. I check coherence/understandability, marking areas where you might not have said what you meant, or I had to stop to figure out what you meant. At this point, I might suggest moving, cutting or rewriting parts of the book. 
    2. Strength/Weakness read through. I point out the best hooks, storylines and character arcs, with some suggestions on how to make them even stronger. I also find the weak points in the story and might suggest fixes/cuts. 
    3. On the final read through, I look for plot issues, character consistency, and other big picture issues. I’ll also give my final thoughts at this point. 
  2. We meet (on zoom or similar) to discuss the edits. I’ll coach you through them, why they’re needed, and let you pick the right fixes. 
  3. I will give you a short write up of what we talked about, as well as some more tips for how to move forward. 

The basic package costs 400 for up to 50,000 words. It can be used for spec fiction, fantasy, most sci-fi, mystery, horror and action/adventure style books, or any genre of book that doesn’t require additional research. For historical fiction, hard sci-fi or other genres that require research, I’ll put together a custom package based on the subject matter. Memoirs, personal stories and non-fiction require a little more time too.

(Note, while I will edit books with spicy scenes or romantic subplots, I do NOT specialize in romance, spice, or anything nice.)

While this is one of the most affordable editing services around, please reach out even if you can’t afford it, and we’ll work out a trade, discount or deal.