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Chapter 1: Mr. Baker
Chapter 2: Lost in Egypt
Chapter 3: Alone in the Desert
Chapter 4: Guests
Chapter 5: A Band of Robbers
Chapter 6: Party to a Crime
Chapter 7: A Traveling Caravan
Chapter 8: Across the Way
Chapter 10: Hidden in Plain Site
Chapter 11: The Monastery
Chapter 9: Swimming the Nile
Chapter 12: A Place to Lay Your Head
Chapter 13: Seeing the Light
Chapter 14: Good News
Chapter 15: The Desert Mother
Chapter 16: Filling in the Gaps
Chapter 17: A Good Man is Hard to Fight
Chapter 18: The Grand Entrance
Chapter 19: The Last Chapter
Chapter 20: Class is Back in Session
Afterword: The Religious Education Committee (A Tribute to the Kickstarter Supporters)
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